On March 20th, 2015 CA Technologies announced the general availability of the long awaited CA PPM version 14.2. Two key features of this upgrade were the inclusion of Jaspersoft Reporting and a dedicated Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse is a separate database that reduces the load on the CA PPM Database so the CA PPM application runs much faster. It also speeds up the whole process of building new reports as the DW has significantly fewer tables. You can also use the Data Warehouse to write NSQL queries and generate portlets hence reducing the load on the CA PPM application.

One thing that got buried in the release notes and could be major part of your reporting strategy moving forward are these few words – “Note: If you have your own preferred reporting tools, you can use them with the Data Warehouse.”

The Data is no longer locked up in the hundreds of obscure tables. You can use any enterprise reporting engine of your choice (Business Objects, Cognos, and OBIEE etc.). Your existing team of report writers can create reports and present the data in a single location eliminating the silos and giving your senior executives a view of your business in any reporting tool of their choice.

I am not saying you shouldn’t use Jaspersoft. Actually I suggest that you deploy Jaspersoft and use the out of the box reports that come with CA PPM. I suggest you use the Ad Hoc capabilities of Jaspersoft and the domains that the CA team has built for you. But when it comes time to build new custom reports, don’t ignore the benefit that the CA team has given you with the Data Warehouse as a separate Database.

The Jaspersoft Dashboards are a different story in this implementation with CA PPM. The iPad app will ignore CA PPM security and the dashboards presently lack interactivity. Jaspersoft is a good reporting tool but in this case lacks many of the features that are needed by a mobility solution for CA PPM.  (Updated 9/22/2015) in version 14.3 the mobile solution does support CA PPM security.

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